Tanzania Safari – Day 3

We spend the day on safari in the Serengeti Mara area of Serengeti National Park. Catch up on day 1 and 2.

We get an early start on our first full day on safari. Our wake-up call is a man calling “hello, hello?” into our tent before sunrise. He leaves us with a tray of hot coffee to sip on as we rub the sleep out of our eyes and collect our gear for the day.

Chef John in making eggs to order this morning but we forgo this in favour of toast and fruit. The animals are most active in the early morning and late afternoon, plus the light for photos is best, so it’s important not to waste any time. Stanford is waiting for us, our packed lunches stowed, so we don’t have to double back for lunch.

We saw lots of Thompson’s gazelles the day before, but it’s only today that I notice that their tails constantly wag rapidly back and forth, seemingly never stopping. It’s charming, and I promise myself to take a video the next time we find a big herd.

We spend the day finding more firsts; Our first warthog, bushbuck and several more birds.

As the afternoon wears on, we find a lion and her two cubs. Lucky for us, the cubs are in a playful mood. We watch them for almost an hour as they climb on mom and play hide and seek with each other.

Our story at dinner for ‘best thing we saw today’ is when one of the cubs tried to get the mom to play by tugging on her tail.


Tanzania Safari – Day 2

Our safari begins! We fly to Kogatende, have our first game drive and check-in at Olakira Camp. Catch up on day 1.

Our safari starts in Serengeti Mara, by the Mara river which is right up by the border with Kenya.

The driver takes us to Arusha airport for our flight to Kogatende. We’re ushered to a private lounge operated by Asilia and offered coffee and snacks while the attendant takes our passports and disappears to check us in. We exchange pleasantries with the other couple in the lounge who are from the UK, comparing trips. It’s the first time we answer 1. “where have you been so far?” and 2. “where are you going next?” but will not be the last. We eventually learn to be prepared for these questions and also, “what was the best thing you saw today?”.

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Tanzania Safari – Day 1

We travel from home to Arusha, Tanzania and rest before officially starting our safari.

Thirteen hours from Toronto to Addis Ababa in economy class. Enough said. We survived intact, and I managed not to drop food in my lap and dirty my pants, a lifetime first. We walked down the stairs and onto the tarmac feeling like we’d accomplished something and the worst was over.

It turns out that the worst is getting on another plane for two hours after having just gotten off a thirteen-hour flight. I could barely stand to sit still on the flight to Kilimanjaro. I resorted to stamping my feet and rolling my ankles the entire time, something that the seatmates on either side of me certainly appreciated. Lee seemed to fair a little better.

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California Highway 1

A 5-day road trip, from San Diego to San Fransisco – From the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree National Park to the rocky, sea swept highway 1.



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